“100% of all Pipeline home games will be played on Turf whether you are u7 or u18,” said Sean Rush President of Pipeline Soccer Club.

Please read below for details:

It is with great pride to announce that Pipeline Soccer Club has entered into an extensive/exclusive long term agreement with the Baltimore City School Commissioners to Turf and Revitalize the Poly / Western Athletic Complex located on Falls Rd. and Coldspring Lane. Phase 1 will be returfing the existing field on the premise.

Conversation concerning a partnership between the City of Baltimore and Pipeline has been ongoing for over 3 years. Pre Construction has begun and actual replacement of the turf will begin mid July (using state of the art Rhino Series 43 Turfgrass), dramatically enhancing the 8 plus acres of grass fields and revitalizing all support areas of the complex.

The lighted turf stadium field will be lined for 7 v 7, 9 v 9 and 11 v 11 games. “100% of all Pipeline home games will be played on Turf whether you are u8 or u18,” said Sean Rush President of Pipeline Soccer Club. “It has been our goal since Pipeline’s inception that we offer the same quality experience and facilities to all teams no matter if they are Academy, Pre-Academy, Black, Red, Gold, Male, Female, advanced or novice,” added Santino Quaranta Vice President and Co-Founder of Pipeline. “This is the beginning of the project between Pipeline/Baltimore City but Sean and I couldn’t be more excited about the opportunity this adds to players of Pipeline, and the Baltimore community as a whole” added Quaranta.

“We want to thank Gregory Gamble and Baltimore City who have guided and helped us along this path allowing us to give back to the city and have a state of the art field for our players. This is just phase 1 of a great overhaul project in beautifying and enhancing the entire facility” added Sean Rush. “The entire project is being taken care of by Pipeline Soccer and we couldn’t be more proud of being able to give back to this amazing city, and the families in our club, and Roland Park baseball (three baseball diamonds)” added Rush. “Douglas Pryor has worked tirelessly to make Poly/Westerns athletic facilities beautiful. After football games, soccer matches, and state races, Doug has been the backbone to the facility being in such great shape, and now as we enhance the 10 acres, we look forward to continuing to build the complex while keeping it beautiful” added Quaranta.

As mentioned above this has been a 3-year discussion and the turf should be completed by August 15th in time for practices/games. It could not have been accomplished without the long term relationship with the school, the help of the Athletic Directors, the Baltimore City Board of School Commissioners and Baltimore City Council.

A special thank you to Gregory Gamble, Paul Turner and Blaine Lipski without whom this project would not be possible.