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What is Club soccer?

2017/2018 TEAMS & Contacts

Learn the difference between our club teams,  our US Soccer Development Academy, the Pipeline Development Academy, recreational & travel soccer.


Teams are listed by birth year.


    2010  Black / Gina Maiorana /

    2010  Red / Pete Sarioglou /


    2009  Black / Doug Pryor /

    2009  Red / Jenna Quaranta /


    2008  Black / Tony Butta /

    2008  Red / Kara Stephens /

    2008  Red / Courtney Kobal /


    2007  Black / Tom Ruzzi /

    2007  Red / Brad Sanders /


    2006  Pre-Academy / Geoff Bowman /

    2006  Black / TBD / 


    2005  Pre-Academy / Tommy Quaranta /

    2005  Black / Phil Greatwich /


    2004  Pre-Academy / Tommy Quaranta /

    2004  Black / Aaron Velky /

    2004  Red / Aaron Velky /


    2003  Pre-Academy / Jason Muffaleto /

    2003  Black / Reza Kaliush /


    2002  Pre-Academy / Ryan Desmit /

    2002  Black / Geoff Bowman /

    2002  Red / Reza Kaliush /


    2001  Pre-Academy / Aaron Velky /


    2000  Pre-Academy / Doug Pryor /


    2000 & 1999 Black / Becca Bazemore /



    2010  Black / Ken Wirtz /

    2010  Red / JD Gerhart /


    2009  Black Javier Bermudez & Santino Quaranta /

    2009  Red / Jorge Ventura /

    2009  Gold / Blake Lyle /


    2008  Black / Tom Ruzzi /

    2008  Red / Daniel Grosscup /

    2008  Gold / Brad Sanders /


    2007  Black / Zack Flores /zflores23@yahoo.comm

    2007  Red / Will Prochazka /


    2006  Pre-Academy / Pete Sariglou /

    2006  Black / Yiani Sarioglou /

    2006  Red / Mike Black /

    2006  Gold / Jon Grant /


    2005  Pre-Academy / Phil Greatwich /

    2005  Black / Mike Black /

    2005  Red / Tom Durkin /


    2004  Pre-Academy / Zack Flores /

    2004  Black / Kaoru Forbess /

    2004  Red / Tommy Quaranta III /


    2003  Pre-Academy / Tommy Quaranta III /

    2003  Black / Kyle & Ken Fowler /

    2003  Red / Ian Briggs /


    2002  Pre-Academy / Joe Orourke /

    2002  Black / Tom Durkin /

    2002  Red / Will Prochazka /

    2002  Gold m


    2001 Pre-Academy / Phil Greatwich /

    2001  Black / Geoff Foltyn /

    2001 Red / Dom Marshall /

    2001  Gold / Tommy Quaranta III /

    2001  White / Umberto Distefano /


    2000  Pre-Academy / Matteo Vertucci /

    2000  Black / Rich Zinkand /

    2000  Red / Ian Briggs /

There are two ways to join a Pipeline Club team.


1 - Annual Tryouts: Held in May, this is the most common way to make a Pipeline Club team. During these tryouts, our teams fill the bulk of roster spots for the coming soccer year.  Information and sign up for Annual Tryouts will be posted here in March of each year.


2 - Supplemental Tryouts: Players/parents should email a coach to see if there is space on a team. Each coach's contact info is posted at right under Team Profiles & Contacts.  We have up to four teams per age group. Our teams are designated Pre-Academy (at oldest ages only) , then Black followed in order by Red, Gold, and White. Contact the team which seems most appropriate to try out for.  Depending on a conversation with the coach or after attending a practice, a player may then be directed to one of the other teams.  There is regular movement of players between teams in order to maximize their development.

What is Club Soccer?



Playing on a recreational team involves no tryouts. Recreational soccer is often the first step to playing travel soccer or to playing club soccer, or it can be all a child wants (and that is completely fine!). Our recreational program is our Pipeline Development Academy. It differs vastly from other Recreational programs because includes the use of professional coaches instead of parents, and the goal of the program is geared towards fun as well as preparing players to join our club teams.


What is the difference between travel and club teams? This can be confusing, particularly in the Baltimore region where travel programs try and act as clubs at times. Despite this, there are clear differences. Travel soccer involves tryouts and the teams are coached by parents of kids on the team. Travel teams play most of their games against other local travel teams, often other recreational councils. Further, almost all travel teams do not play year round. The level of dedication and commitment to the sport is often not quite there. This is not a criticism of travel soccer. It has its place but as players get older, even in other sports, the best players end up at the club level as they look for better coaching, and more consistent opportunities to play tough competition in events open only to the top players and teams.


Playing on a club soccer team involves a level of commitment on the part of players and families that one does not find at the recreational level or travel level. Playing on such a team is for the dedicated player who loves soccer and wishes to improve. The soccer is still age appropriate and fun, but it does involve trying out for a team, more training than other programs, as well as a higher level of competition. Players should be interested in improving technically, tactically, and in terms of fitness/speed. The coaches are licensed and have played the game at a higher level than one finds in rec or travel soccer. Some of our coaches have played for their national teams, others have played professionally, and virtually all played collegiate soccer as well. Perhaps most importantly of all, at Pipeline we strongly feel that non-parent coaches are best for the experience of not only the player but also parents and the team. Facilities & fields are consistently available and good for our training. The club provides the fields and they are provided year round so that teams are not struggling to find space to train, particularly outside the fall.

US Soccer Development Academy (Baltimore Armour):

This is the top tier of youth soccer for boys ages 11-18 years of age. This program is run in conjunction with US Soccer. Baltimore Armour is the only such program in the Baltimore area and one of only two in the state. This gives you an idea of the level of play. Players seeking to join Baltimore Armour generally come out of club teams in our club and from others.



There is A LOT of misinformation out there about club soccer, so please take us as the source about our fees and not what others tell you. Costs vary drastically by team, age, level of play, and a team's goals. Of course, we also offer our Pipeline Development Academy for only $175. We also have need-based scholarship program HERE. For the club teams your son or daughter is trying out for, the total costs this year (2018-2019) start at $159 a month (paid 10 months, not 12). There is also an annual facility fee ($300) and club fee ($300). These fees include everything but the uniform. Uniforms are bought every 2-3 years only. Why such a large range from the lowest to the highest fees?  While all of our teams are professionally coached by non-parent licensed coaches, the oldest and highest level teams are often playing in tournaments all over the country as they are in the final stages of being recruited by collegiate programs. That increases costs for those teams. Over the course of the year, taking into account all training and games, the median pay of our coaches is $17 an hour. That is less than the referees get paid at games.



Pipeline has partnered with many schools and other facility providers for training. These include, but are not limited to, Friends School of Baltimore, Baltimore Poly HS, Glen Arm, Bryn Mawr School, Park School and Loyola University. This will entail all seasons, including indoor facilities during the winter.



This varies dramatically by age and ability level. The youngest teams stay very local, even if the team is very good. As a team gets older it may stay local but as the team improves, the team needs to travel a bit more to find good competition. For leagues, the teams will always have half their games at home. It is best to talk to a coach before accepting a spot to find out a team's plans. Our teams may play in leagues such as EDP, Northeast Pre-Academy League, Region 1, USYSA National League, MESL, CMSA, BBSL, MSSSL, MOSL, & CMSA.



Almost all teams our teams play fall, winter & spring. All teams will start training during the summer. Younger teams are very flexible with players so they can play multiple sports. Even older teams that are not top teams are flexible with this. Only the top older teams find playing multiple sports outside of high school tough to manage, though players often continue to play other sports for their schools. It is just difficult for a high school age player to play more than one club sport and focus on academics so at this point players specialize. This is the experience in soccer and any other club sport. Most older teams (U15 and up) will train in the summer and then take a break until the high school season is complete, though most train a few times a month to stay connected as a team.



Yes - Our coaches hold licenses with governing bodies such as USSF, NCSAA, and UEFA. Yes - Our coaches undergo extensive background checks in compliance with all Maryland State Youth Soccer Association best training for youth soccer programs.



Teams below HS Age will train during most of the summer in preparation for the fall season, and players are certainly excused for family vacations. The season generally starts with a Labor Day tournament, although some teams also do an August tournament. Leagues start the weekend after Labor Day. Teams are active during the winter with league/training and most teams do involve some level of a spring commitment, although at the younger ages this may be scaled back to take into account multi-sport athletes.



These teams will train during June and July in order prepare players for their High School tryouts and seasons. Teams at this age will not play a fall season as they will be playing for their high schools, but those teams will get together for a training once every week, or every other week, to keep fresh as a team so they are ready for an end of fall tournament and the beginning of winter league play. Spring play is the main club season for HS players.


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