We are happy to announce Doug Pryor as the 2000 Pre-academy and 2009 Black coach for next year. Doug brings a tremendous amount of experience and success to Pipeline at both age groups. His 2000’s will aim to win their second state cup in consecutive years and also compete at regionals. His 2009’s are highly regarded as one of the top teams in Maryland and look to improve on an already outstanding year. Doug has a way of getting the most out of his players. He always wants what’s best for the player and he won’t stop until all of his players have reached their goals both on the field and in the class room. Doug was most recently named “Coach of the year” for the MIAA High School Conference. This makes him the perfect fit for both age groups. We are lucky to have him.

Doug will spear head a very strong coaching staff in the 2009 age group. The red team will be lead by Jose Covarrubias who had the girls players excellent soccer. Mike Ey will lead the Gold team. Becca Bazemore will coach the 2000/2001 Girls Black team.