As part of our partnership with the Washington Spirit, new rules being issued by the U.S. Soccer Development Academy mean that Pipeline Soccer Club will have the ability to designate a select number of it’s top female players to participate in the Development Academy on a part-time basis while continuing their membership and participation on Pipeline teams. As a result of this new more direct connection, all Pipeline girls teams designated as our Pre Academy teams will be known as “Pipeline-Spirit Pre Academy”.

Pipeline players selected for this program will be permitted to train with the Washington Spirit’s full U.S. Soccer Development Academy teams, and to participate in a limited number of official Development Academy games per year without giving up their ability to also play for their Pipeline teams.

“Having the ability to incorporate Pipeline players directly into the DA model is something we all are very excited about. It shows players a pathway to the national team and collegiate exposure that is simply unmatched,” said Pipeline co-Founder Santino Quaranta. “This is the fundamental reason why we entered into this partnership with the Washington Spirit. I firmly believe our coaching staff at Pipeline provides players the ability mentally and physically to step in and be successful. This symbolizes the true pyramid that all clubs in the United States should strive to accomplish.”

This tremendous opportunity is just another example of Pipeline Soccer Club putting player development first by opening up even more outlets for players to challenge themselves and be exposed to higher level competition.

The new player model is an opportunity for Pipelines players to push their development to a different level through exposure to the highest level of training and competition against the best players in the country. It also creates a more seamless relationship between Pipeline and Washington Spirit by opening a clear and defined pathway for Pipeline players to the U.S. Soccer Development Academy while also maximizing player and coaching educational opportunities.

The program will also allow full-time Washington Spirit DA players to participate on Pipeline teams in a limited capacity in support of their own Personal Player Development Plans and/or the need to improve game sharpness and fitness following an injury.

“It is been a goal of ours since Pipeline started to be affiliated with first class organizations that offer our players tangible outlets,” said club President Sean Rush. “Santino and I have been approached many times by large European and South American clubs but we always want to align with organizations that really offered our players playing possibilities. With Santino as a technical director, Danny Skelton as a head coach, and our partnership with Washington spirit, this new flexibility in player rostering is a grand slam for the Pipeline girls.”