Pipeline Players/Parents;

As hopefully we have conveyed to each and every family of Pipeline, it is with gratitude, thankfulness, and appreciation that we acknowledge your commitment and trust in this uncommon soccer club. We understand that our job is to primarily to create an environment that promotes the growth (both physically & mentally) of our players. We acknowledge this point in our mission and in our attempt to live it every single day on behalf of you and your children.

• Identify and develop the best players
• Prepare players for competition both on and off the field
• Promote a high sense of personal achievement
• Through soccer, encourage personal leadership in the community

As we strive to achieve our mission every single day, we also know that we have an incredible opportunity to touch those that are less fortunate. It is not lost on Santino and I that the financial commitment of families to Pipeline for their children is a serious one. We also work tirelessly to stretch every dollar as far as it will go so that we can deliver the best experience possible for every player and family. Always focused on the mission of Identifying, Preparing, Promoting and Encouraging each child to become the best they can. For 2018-2019, we are adding a full time sports trainer to practices, enhancing turf training/playing facilities(exciting news very soon), adding a college database for our high school players, building an after school inner city program and continuing to develop each player day in/day out with our elite coaching staff and club resources.

We are also aware of times and circumstances where families hit challenging economic times and/or situations where the financial realities of running a club forces decisions for players that are “right” for our club, to go someplace else simply because of financial reasons.
It is because of this we are happy to announce that Pipeline is continuing the Scholarship Fund to help families in need. The fund will be established to provide economic assistance to families that are identified by a committee and need help with regard to financial obligations. Since the scholarship has begun just 3 short years ago, Pipeline has awarded $100,000+ in scholarship finances to those in need.

Thank you again for your commitment to this family. Please follow the link below for the scholarship application!


Sean Rush
Pipeline Soccer Club