This page serves as a resource for coaches, managers, and others involved in helping run the program

Lightning Policy

STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURE FOR LIGHTNING The safety of our members and guests at our facilities will always be a priority. Therefore we expect the following rules to be followed and if in doubt clear the field. Failure to do so is grounds for removal from the club.

- Keep Watch: Coaching Staff, committee members and/or referees are expected to keep a constant watch for lightning and thunder during practices, game days, team meetings or at any time they are on site. All members of the club, including parents, guardians, and players are also asked to keep watch and notify the above persons if anything is seen or heard.

- Clear the FIeld: In the event you see lightning or hear thunder, or are told by a player, member, referee, guest (visiting team) they have seen lightning or heard thunder in the area you are to clear your field immediately and get word to any other members, players or staff to clear their field. Do not wait for someone to tell you or assume the other staff have seen the lightning. It is better for them to be told by several people than to assume they know to clear the field.

- Players and spectators are to take safe shelter or go to their vehicle.

- Staff are responsible for their field they were on; e.g.; if a player/adult wanders onto the field they were coaching on, they have to manage/clear that field. Staff are not expected to put themselves at risk in these situations.

- On a game day, the referee has the right to call the game (please refer to rules of competition as to the status of the game points). The park manager or delegated personnel also reserve the right to close the field at any given time. In the event the referee is not seeing the lightning or hearing the thunder, please speak with them and insist that the field is cleared immediately.

- Resuming Activity: Activity may be resumed no sooner than 30 minutes after the last lightning strike is seen or thunder is heard. If staff wish to send players home earlier, then they may do so. Please keep in mind that when playing official games, the referee will need to make the final decision on how the game is recorded by way of league/competition rules.

- Who makes the decisions on site? Decisions will be made by the senior-most person on site. This will be the Referee, Pipeline DOC, Coach or other Director. In the event none of the above are on site, staff are expected to follow this policy and err on the side of caution or call the Club for advice.