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Pipeline believes the measure of a club lies in the quality and performance of its players & staff on the field, plus their character & contributions off the field.

- Identify & develop the best players

- Prepare players for competition on & off the field

- Promote a high sense of personal achievement

- Encourage personal leadership in the community
Pipeline shall provide an athletic experience of the highest quality – embracing strength & agility training, nutrition & sports psychology, facilitated by professional players, and strength and conditioning coaches.


By attracting the best professional soccer trainers, coaches, and support personnel, we will develop and inspire the competitive character, spirit, and performance of every member and team in achieving its highest potential. Overall, it is our expectation that our philosophy and approach will improve individual performance in all core soccer competencies: nutrition, strength/conditioning, fundamentals/skills, tactical, and psychological. This will consistently prepare our members to achieve success as student-athletes and teammates at the high school and collegiate levels, and as professionals.


For coaching, internships, executive and administrative opportunities contact us.

The club regularly has coaching positions available for those possessing experience with the game at a high level. Candidates need to have played the game at a high level (college/professional) and/or must have extensive coaching experience.

All coaches and staff undergo thorough employment and background checks.



The club is a non-profit organization (501c3). All fees go towards the program and the running of its teams and programs. Like all clubs, we rely heavily on volunteers, parents, and the community to serve the youth of the region. Contact Club President, Sean Rush, to make a donation to the club or to discussion partnerships or sponsorship.

executive board

President: Sean Rush

Vice President: Santino Quaranta

Secretary: William Redfern

Treasurer: Maryann Rush


Mike Lookingland

Tommy Quaranta Sr.

Doug Pryor

Danny Skelton

Lee Tschantret


operating board

Director of Coaching, Boys Program: Danny Skelton

Director of Coaching, Girls Program: Doug Pryor

Technical Director: Lee Tschantret

Youth Technical Director: Mike Lookingland

Club-wide Technical Trainer: Pete Sarioglou

Club Registrar: Willam Redfern
Director of Leagues & Tournaments: Becca Bazemore

Director of Uniforms/Apparel: Aaron Velky

Director of Goalkeeper Program: Mike Radcliffe

Head of Baltimore Operations: Phil Greatwich

Director of Team Managers: Aaron Parker


The club was founded in 2011 by Sean Rush, Santino Quaranta, and others interested in forming a soccer club for youth based on professionalism and the highest standards of teaching the game. A core purpose of the club from the outset  has been to serve all levels of players and to serve both girls & boys equally.


Our legacy will be to always welcome former players and their families to the club; to celebrate the winning traditions of the club and achievements of its members; and to make a positive difference to the game of soccer in our respective communities.

for players, by players

our players have consistently been recruited by outstanding academic institutions & soccer programs. PIpeline is a path for the elite player to  use their soccer talents to earn scholarships as well as gain an admissions edge into the top academic universities.


below is a list of the most recent programs to recruit our players or where players have committed

University of Kentucky

Loyola University

West Point

Syracuse University

US Naval Academy

McGill University


Catholic University

Bates College

Fordham University

University of Chicago

Gettysburg College

Elon University

Colby College

University of California

Franklin & Marshall


University of Vermont

Case Western

Carnegie Mellon



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